this is where it all started.

crossing the atlantic on a cargo ship,
travelling from italy to chile,
from the mediterranean sea to the pacific ocean.

falling in love with the ocean, with being at sea.
knowing nothing about sailing.

later, searching for a way to combine my love of books and design,
a little book is created.

it tells the story of this voyage,
with maps, excerpts of a diary, and pictures of the sea.

being a travel book, it wants to be small and portable,
and is called the portulan,
in reference to the old pilot handbooks and portolan charts.

vessel: CSAV Manzanillo
flag: Antigua and Barbuda

departure: 15.10.2008
arrival: 13.11.2008

passenger: Barbara Ramseier

this book was created as a final project in CAS Book Design at the Lucerne School of Art and Design.
Das Buch zur Reise entstand als Abschlussarbeit des CAS Buchgestaltung an der Hochschule Design & Kunst Luzern.